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Princess Nina

The cold weather

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Hi I just wanted to know what other owners are doing in this extremely cold weather? We keep our bunny mostly outdoors in the efglu and at night we shut her in to the compartmen, but she does come in every evening for a couple of hours for a hop around. Im jst worried that the change in temp will affect her. Penny from omlet assured me that the eglu is ok for all weather conditions and that rabbits are hardy.


Also im intrigued about people who have put a litter tray in the eglu is that in the run or the copartment?

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Hi Nina


My bunnies don't have a Rablu yet, but they have a lovely snug wooden duplex apartment. They insist on shredding any straw that I put in there for them to snuggle in, but they have grown lovely thick fluufy winter coats to keep them warm. I wouldn't worry about yours, they will be fine.


Mine have a litter tray in the hutch, when I get them a Rablu next year, I will probably get one of the covered cat litter trays and put that in the run, as there isn't really room in the Rablu itself.

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