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digging evidence!

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I've just been to take the shower curtain off the cube and noticed some dug holes (smallish) and not deep in the chippings around the skirt of the run on one side. The cube is actually on concrete, but where the concrete finishes, we have stone chippings. I think & hope it is the squirrels, as we have 2 in our garden that crack open their conkers on our garage roof. I have seen them playing in the holly trees at the back of the chooks. However, i'm a bit scared! There is no other evidence of anything - ie: fox poo, rat poo, mice poo or any footprints either. But it has set off alarm bells. Nothing near the mk2 eglu either! So I think it's the quirrels trying to bury their nuts.

However I have made up some bags ( old tights) of my hair taken from my hairbrush ( just brushed my hair a good lot) & hung them in the trees near the chooks. I have asked hubby to pee down there later, but he said no. So I have asked him to pee in a bottle & I can sprinkle it round the roots of the holly trees! :wink:

I also have a security light set up down there which detects any movement & body heat!

I am watching that area like a hawk now & shall get a fox watch if I have too! I've put more tent pegs in the skirt!



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just in case get some man wee and por it near the run, itz perfectly safe and will scare any fox away for several days! or also if you really want a safe fox cat dog free run blag some lion or tiger poo from a zoo and place some under hedgs tress etc.


anything thats snooping around will thinks you have one monster of a cat and stay well clear!


From Ross Laura better half!

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I think you can buy lion poo pellets - now whether they have disguised the smell a bit with something, I don't know. I wouldn't want an unpleasant whiff - the neighbours would think I was either keeping wild animals or the circus had come to town.

Mind you, the circus has come to town - I've just seen the posters for it - maybe I could get some big animal poo. I wonder if elephant poo would keep foxes away??? :lol:

I'm not sure if circus's are allowed to have animals in them anymore are they? Is it not just acrobats & illusionists nowadays?


Anyway, sending hubby out shortly to water the garden - just hope he doesn't hang round too long in the security light!!!! :shock::lol:



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