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cluck and henry

Letting sleeping chickens lie

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Having an inquisitive chicken in our garden, that on the slightest noise comes running, can I please ask:-


In the evening, when its dark, how likely am I to distrub them. We have a gravel path not so far away and to watch us creep around in the dark. Is more than enough to make the neighbours laugh if they're watching. :oops:


Are they light sleepers or am I best to creep?


Also, What is their eyesight like in the dark and for distance as, one of the hens gets quite noisy if she sees us from a distance.


Thanks if you can help. I would love to stop tiptoeing around the eglu. (green eglu)

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chickens cannot see well (if not much at all) at night, thats why they roost before darkness.


Chickens are also very docile and sleepy at night, they might hear you around the garden, but I would very much doubt they would make any sound.


My husband works with chickens (he actually catches 30,000 a day) which they do at night - because its the best time - as the chickens are relaxed, quiet, docile and easily handled. :)


We also have a gravel path - around our 2 eglus. I dont tip toe!! :lol::wink:

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mine used to be a nightmare when they were new ... the slightest noise (i.e me tiptoeing up the garden to close the Eglu door) would bring them galloping out of the Eglu, hoping for treats.


I noticed recently though, as I was up there watering the greenhouse late at night, that they didn't even bother getting up. I don't think they will be disturbed, and if you close the Eglu door they will likely just stay snuggled up.

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i am thick sometimes

sorry i asked now ignorance is bliss

i was imagining they were catching them to put them to bed, how dull am i :oops:


dont be silly, you are not thick Sarah! :D


Hubby does a very unusual job, eyebrows get raised all the time when they ask him what he does. I wish he was putting them to bed! :wink:

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