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My neighbours cat seems to be obsessed with my rabbit....

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I have a 5 month old Netherland Dwarf rabbit called Fudge - we've just got a green Eglu (we love it!) & for the first two first nights we kept him locked inside the Eglu at night. He didn't seem to like being locked in - he was scratching to get back out.. having read some of the threads on here I saw that some people leave their rabbit out in the run at night so last night I decided to try this...


I was woken by a noise at 3am this morning (car alarm) & got up. When I looked outside into the garden I saw that our neighbours cat was sitting next to Fudge's run looking in. Fudge didn't appear scared - he was just sitting there- he didn't try & hide/run away. I was very worried as I didn't want Fudge to be distressed so I went downstairs and the cat ran away & I locked Fudge back in his Eglu.


Now I don't know what to do for the best - do you think I should keep him locked in at night? Or is the cat not causing any harm?


When he was in his wooden hutch - I did sometimes notice the cat sitting on the fence but he never actually entered our garden.


Thanks, Jo.

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as long as the cat can't get to him there isn't a problem - fudge would be hiding in his hutch and thumping loudly if there was!! A rabbit is too big a prey for a domestic cat so it is probably just curious and you never know they both might like the company!!!!


We have four rabbits in our eglu (their idea not mine :) ) and we nebver lock em away a nice secure run is just as good as the eglu and when they are cold they just cuddle up together in the eglu!!

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My cats and bunji spend most of their time together and love it :roll: . There is initial curiosity, but that turns into indifference pretty quick.


When the sun's out, I'll often find a cat (or two) flopped out on one side of the run's siding, with Berny flopped out on the other - practically back to back.


I wouldn't worry, Bernard's given one of my cats a good kicking in the past, but they're best of friends now!



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The last week I have had the same problem with my neighbours cat, it often hunts mice etc in the field the other side of my garden and the other day it was in my garden so I chased it out.


Though my last rabbit got chased by a cat until it was cornered then it just turned round and kicked the cat which then ran off so I guess rabbits are tougher than they look and as many have said before they should be safe in the run.


I do worry about the cat scratching Benji through the run though...


I'm going to look into putting something in the garden to deter cats will let you know if I find anything.

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