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5 hens in a 3m Cube run?

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Hi All,

I recently bought a second hand Mk1 Eglu Cube with 3m run and have my 3 ex-caged hens and a Campine and Cream Legbar in there too.

I have 21m of Omlet fencing that I have put around their coop for free ranging which they get to go every day.  My question is - whilst I am at work which is around 6 hours every day, do they have enough space to be enclosed in their 3m run or should I be getting another 1 metre extension?

I find the Cube and 3m run quite hard to move by myself which I try and do often so they can get to new grass (which they visibly love) so I am worried a 4m run might just tip it to the point that it would have to become fixed.

The other thing is - when I let them out to free range within their 21m Omlet fencing- they don't seem that fussed about it and spend most of their time in their 3m run which I find strange, popping put every now and again.

I have two perches in there, a dust bath, a cat box with straw for a ground nesting box/sheltered area so lots of different height things to get some of them off the ground.

Anyway - thoughts would be very welcome.


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If you really can move them to fresh grass every time they exhaust where they are, and they’re getting on OK, then you’ll probably get away with their 3m. But as DM says you would be better with at least 4m - particularly as there may be occasions when they have to stay in. I think you’re probably right though that it would be very difficult and unwieldy to move at that length so would probably have to be fixed and set up as the Dogmother says above.

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Thank you all for your comments (and ideas) - yes I think moving them to fresh ground is something that I am enjoying doing at the moment but might find difficult in a while (mainly because I will run out of grass!) - I was perplexed as to why people would buy a Cube on wheels to then keep the run in a fixed spot but I think I will understand why in a few months!


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