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Broken beak

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Well, broken might be a bit of an exageration; I noticed at the weekend that Phoebe, who has an odd shaped beak (similar to a hare lip) has chipped a chunk off of one side (probably sticking it where she shouldn't have :lol: ). It doesn't appear to be bothering her, and isn't such a big chunk missing that I'm immedialty concerned, but I don't want it to get any worse. Has anyone had experiance of this, or any advice to offer?

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I wouldn't worry too much. My battery girls have terribly mis shapen and dented beaks and they all manage fine! Just keep an eye on her, but if she is eating and drinking well, I wouldn't worry.

What do chickens need for strong beaks? Calcium? I am sure somebody will be able to tell us... it might be worth making sure there isn't a deficiency in her diet which is making it weak, but if your other girls are all fine......

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