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New hens advice please

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Hi all, I’m sure this has probably been asked multiple times on this forum, but our new hens are refusing to leave the coop. 

We shut them in there for the first 24hrs as per the general guidance and have opened the coop to let them into the run in the morning. They do not want to budge! They don’t seem inclined to eat or drink, I have put water in there with them but the food is out in the run.

Given it’s been a few days should I encourage them out or just leave them to come out when they are ready! 

should I keep the food in the run or put it in the coop as I don’t want them to starve if they don’t come out! 

Thanks in advance for the advice! 

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They have settled well now and we are loving it, so much so that we are thinking of getting another 3 ASAP. Would it be easy to introduce three new of the same (all Bantams) given its only been about 3 days since the original three came home? 

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First be sure that you have room for them - what housing and run size do you have?

Personally, I would always isolate any new birds, from a point of disease and parasites as much as anything else; I treat all newcomers for lice and worms regardless.Then introduce them slowly - any sort of stress can be harmful to birds, and affect their immune systems. I dose their water with Vit Boost tonic as the B Vits in that help with stress.

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