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Hotline Electric Fencing - HELP!

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Hi there,

I have just received my delivery for Hotline 50m electric fencing as am constantly worried about foxes that may be watching.  My two hens and cockerel free range all day and are locked up at night.

I have a couple of questions and hope someone on here will be able to help me as not sure where else to ask!  

I obviously completely incorrectly measured the space and 50m is too large an area - does anyone know if it is possible to shorten this somehow and use less?  Maybe double back on myself or will this affect the electric element from working? 

Do you have to complete a circuit or can I just connect one end to the energiser? 

Really appreciate any advice and thank you.

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We've never had much success with electric fencing because keeps shorting to earth because it sags between the posts reducing the voltage dramatically. The best solution is to use the fence as the earth circuit and run separate electric lines around the outside at about 8" and 18" height on insulated posts. You will not need a ground spike with that method and you will get a good voltage all around. The chickens won't get shocked either. I assume you have a tester?

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I found the the flytes so fancy website very helpful when I was setting mine up years ago.....

On the left hand side of the home page, scroll right down and there is an information box.

Amongst other things there is an explanation of how Electric fencing works, Poultry netting advice and a Faq section for electric fencing. I remember being very confused too. A tester is essential too, but just a little one with lights that clips onto the netting is easiest (although it can be difficult to see on a bright sunny day).

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