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Help! My girl appears egg bound and not laying

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My girl who is a regular layer has since the clocks went forwards, stopped laying. She showed all signs of being egg bound so I bathed her in Epsom salts and tried to feel if an egg was wedge up ‘there’. She was as good as gold and after her bath, she went and laid an ‘egg’. It had no shell, just the egg and it’s membrane. 
She’s not her usual chirpy self and is still eating drinking a bit, again not quite her usual appetite. I have added calcium supplements to their water/food and they’ve always had grit. I’ve started to dampen the layer pellets which she is pecking at. She tried to lay yesterday but to no avail. She is pooing but it stinks-very unusual and runny.

Do I bathe her again? Is the vet going to do anything different? I don’t want to stress her out with a vet trip really. 

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It could be any number of things and if she is trying to pass a large or soft shelled egg, then she will produce lubrication to help it out. If it is really messy and stinky, then it may be a yeast infection called vent gleet. Clean her up to prevent fly strike and get her to a vet, she shouldn't be stressed in a dark and ventilated box and clearly needs help.

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