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Morning all. The last couple of nights I’ve let the girls out for about half an hour at bed time. They seem to have enjoyed themselves and it’s so nice listening to their little clucks.

i am going to have to invest in some omlet  netting to discourage wandering. Although OH reckons we just share them with the neighbours! I think one would be fine, the other less impressed! I’ll also try clipping a wing?

How do you tame scaredy little bantams? They are a bit nervous still and the great outdoors is more interesting even than mealworms! Is it just patience? My farmer friend thinks I’m nuts for getting bantams not big chooks. 





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Looking at your set-up, it looks like they have easy access to your neighbour's gardens through the fences; I'm afraid that they will be less than pleased with chicken poop in their gardens and birds tearing up their plants - this will happen.  I'd suggest wing clipping and weldmesh along all the fences - chickens are accomplished escape artists!

Is this in your front garden? It looks that way in one photo, and the birds are in plain sight... just a warning that (with the current situation) an few folks have had their birds, and in one case i know of, the whole set-up,nicked. Best to have them round the back and out of sight... of course this may be the case, and I just can't tell from the photos.

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It is the front garden, but we are in a little dead end with nobody about so the front is as secure as our back.... 

The ornate fence has weld mesh sitting waiting to go on it. So that will stop through, but not over! The trellis one is my concern. I think they will easily hop it. The other neighbours would have their own chooks. They probably wouldn’t. 

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