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Chicks and worms

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Hi all. 

We are newbies at keeping chickens and Also new to forums so please bear with if all this has been asked before. 

we bought home some buff Orpington's chicks yesterday, (we got them from a recommended home Hatcher). All were well at the farm jumping around cheerfully, so far one has died over night not sure why but it was very small just seemed the runt of the litter. Another looks as tho it is gasping for air the whole time every few seconds it is opening its beak like a yawn. And I just found what I thought was a long white worm in one of theirs poops. 

I cannot for the life of me find anything on worming chicks and what is safe to use. Any help would be much appreciated. 

thank you in advance, we do already have two chickens in the garden which are very healthy and free range the garden all day long. The new chicks are in a brooder indoors and haven't been around the others yet. 

thank you. 

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