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Hi all, I'm wondering if I could get some advice please. 

I currently have silkie eggs in a brinsea mini incubator, they are on day 16. All doing well. 

One of the eggs however has an air sell that dips down over half way down one side of the egg. I've been reading up so much and trying to educate myself as much as I can, but there is so much conflicting advice. 

Baby chick is moving around great and temperature has been set throughout, same as humidity. Only in the last day or so has the sac gone this big down one side of the egg.  Eggs are due to go into lockdown on day 18 and I dont know whether to keep egg lay on its side for lockdown and hatch or to put in the upright position? Has anyone experienced this before? What should I do, I want to give the chick the best chance. I'm so worried about it, I spend so much time googling and going on forums but I'm just going around in circles. I'm.hoping someone can help me. Do I up humidity sooner? Shall I reposition upright? Do I need to do anything differently before going into lockdown? 


Thank you so much. This is my first time using an incubator and I just want to get it right. 



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I’ve only hatched once with an incubator so am by absolutely no means an expert. I don’t think you should do anything differently with that one egg now though. As soon as they start to think about hatching they’ll be rocking and rolling all over the place anyway.

Oh - just noticed this is an old post. Did it hatch OK?

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