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hybrid gone to sitting all day?

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Afternoon All.  my 3 year old hybrid ( bluebell) has in the last 10 days or so, gone from a bright loud main lady to a quite hiding /sitting lady.  she hasn't wanted to put much weight on her left leg, but have checked the leg out and can't see/feel anything. it looks the same as the right & there is no cut, swelling of the foot pad & straightens fine without a cluck from her. i knew she was under the weather as she was asking to be picked up which she didn't want usually.  i though she might have mites making her sluggish, but she's clean. she can walk when she wants. to get in & out of the coop for bed & to lay ( via a ramp) of which she is doing as normal with good strong eggs.  she is a good weight,  & will waddle run to get to the treats & is eating.  most the time now she just sit down, but does seem to slightly put her wings out. & will peck at the grass & seeds around her. i was thinking that she might be slightly broody, but no real signs ( been there done that with other hens).  thought it might be the heat, but the other girls of the same age ( different breed) are walking around & acting as normal..  any ideas ?  before we go & try to get a vets appointment  Pic is of her usual sitting position as of this afternoon. 



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Hi, been to vets & been told she has arthritis in her claw / leg.  vet looking into medication for a short term fix.

does anyone know of anything herbal she could munch or a cream i could apply onto her leg to ease her pain... 

i don't want to give up on her..

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