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Calling all Eglu owners near Slough.....

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1. Can you advise where I can source some feed as my starter sack is coming to an end.

2. Is there somewhere local where I can purchase 2 more chicks?

3. Is it advisable to have Bantums and Gingernut/Peperpot all together in an eglu?


Appart from the questions I would be interested to find the local neighbours for our girls.

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Welcome to the forum. :D


You can get non-organic feed from Pets at Home on Farnham Road ,but if you want organic you can get it fron Ascott smallholding online. There's a small charge for p&p.

As for chicks, you could probably try "The Garden Hen" in Windsor on

www.thegardenhen.co.uk. There's contact details and also the type of girls he has for sale.


Hope this helps :)


Susan :D:):D:)

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I bought an Amber Star hybrid POL chicken (£9) back in May from Mr & Mrs Miller, Crofters Farm, who are Meadowsweet agents in High Wycombe. Not sure what stock they have now though.




Bit further out from Slough, but you could go to CWF in Twyford for feed, poultry spice, grit etc.



But I mostly get my stuff from the local horse/tack shop so you could check the yellow pages and ring round. The horse supplies shop near Wokingam sells loads of chicken products.

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I am in Henley, & I also got my hens from the Millers at Crofters farm - lovely poeple & a really gorgeous place.


There is also The Garden Hen in Windsor for more pure breeds & Bantams - Simon is a very nice chap & a mine of info. They do have a site - try Googling them.


I get my feed from a supplier around here, but I am sure you will find someone nearer to home.Most Horsey places stock it, as well as some of the larger chains like Countrywide, again if you Google them you may find a local branch :D

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