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Bullied chicken

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Does anyone have a lone chicken? I have 4 hens, 1 (Penny) is being bullied quite badly. Penny was poorly a few months ago and that's when the bullying started, I know once they see a weakness they try and drive the poorly hen out of the flock. Anyway after doing some research I took out the bully for 7 days hoping that would solve it, but one of my others then took her place and turned in to a bully and so it carried on. Things did settle down slightly and she was starting to look a bit happier and was putting weight on, although she was still getting the odd peck from the others. I picked up 3 more rescue hens yesterday, hoping that if the bully's attention would be taken up elsewhere they may leave Penny alone but even the new hens are pecking her and she seems to have gone back to how she was, just sitting there with her eyes closed and she runs away whenever a hen approaches her. I've separated her now and even after 1 hour she seems so much happier. I have somewhere she can free range, whilst still seeing the other hens, and also somewhere she can sleep away from the others so I was just wondering do lone chickens do ok on their own?

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