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Non laying hen

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We purchased two hens about six weeks ago. Both are ex-farm birds around a year old. From day one, one of the hens has laid an egg every day. However, the other hen has never laid an egg at all. They both seem relaxed and happy, have a good diet (free range and layers pellets), plenty of water etc. Does anyone know why one chicken might not be laying (she seems in good health) and if she is ever likely to lay? As we only have two - I don't really want to keep a free-loader, but don't want to get rid of her if she is likely to start laying sometime. Any advice appreciated.

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She might be taking a break for a bit, but do you have information on her laying abilities before you got her? Are you sure it’s the one hen that doesn’t lay? Can they be alternating between days?
Some hens will never lay, of they have only one functional ovary. 

If you got them purely for eggs, than I can understand you being disappointed if she doesn’t lay. But what are you planning to do about it? Adding hens to a single hen is very difficult if not impossible. Adding a single hen to one or two exciting hens is equally difficult if not impossible. Certainly for a new owner.

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She might be coming up to first moult, has not really settled yet or as said, both may be laying. Next Spring will be the time to tell. In the meantime console yourself with the fact that of the many dozens of hens we have had only one was actually barren. Margo hasn't ever laid an egg, doesn't eat much as a result, is very sweet and will be 11 years old in March.

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