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A tough decision

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A sad update.


As you may know we sadly lost Oscar. He died because of a congenital heart defect at only 5 months old.


Roman then recently became my platinum pig costing me £140 in vets bills.


I tried to re-introduce him back into the other boys and unsurprisingly it didn't work.


Then on the weekend the 3 other boys (Cairo, Reuben and Elliot) suddenly started fighting. Blood was drawn, but thankfully I got there and stepped in before it got too bad. They were badly spooked. I had to separate them all. It simply was not possible for me to keep 4 guins separately, particularly as it is coming up to the time of year when they had to come indoors. It was also not fair on them. I reluctantly spoke to the GP rescue place we have locally. She was wonderful. I was in tears (this is becoming common place) because I felt like a bad mum. She explained that now this had happened we were never going to be able to even get them to pair up. She was also angry with the RSPCA for claiming that they would all live happily ever after, which had also been my concern which I voiced with them when I got them. She had a waiting list for GPs to come in, but whisked my boys to the top and they went to their new home on Sunday. I checked the place out and she is one of these people where the animal comes first (often at the expense of human feelings!). She told me she didn't think I was a bad mum, although I still feel like it. She did make me feel better by saying I was welcome to become mum to a new pair - so I guess she really did think I was ok.


She is going to try and bond each of the boys with a new pal. And she firmly vets whoever has them, including home visits. I am so sad to see them go but know it is right for them.


There is a tiny ray of happiness though. It was agreed that she will keep Roman and bond him with someone (it took one GP 7 different partners until he found one he was happy with!) and then he will return home with his new friend. I don't know when this will be as it can take several months but at least I know it will happen. I chose to keep Roman because he has been poorly and I want to be the one who looks out for him. Otherwise it would have been tough to decide who to keep.


(Oops, I've rambled again :oops: )

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