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We recently got ourselves 5 gorgeous Hen’s and the first two nights we put them into the coop at night and closed the door, we have now decided to keep the coop door open so they can come and go as they please- early bird catches the worm as they say! They’re now all but one putting themselves to bed, the fifth one has taken to sleeping on top of the coop. Should we be putting her inside because she can’t get in/ not aware that she should be doing this because shes so young? Or does she just prefer to sleep out away from the others?


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I hope you have sorted it out by know. We have some issues with first posts of new members.

Some hens just prefer roosting out in the open. As long as she is in a secure run, it shouldn’t be an issue. Although poop on a coop might not what you want. You place some crates or pots on the coop to deter her if you want. Or add some perches in the run to give her other options.

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