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More bargains - garden furniture

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Yesterday I took delivery of my new garden chairs and table for the bargain price of £ 27.99 (plus a delivery charge), see here and am really pleased with the quality! I tried to get them earlier in the year but they were sold out. If you have an Argos catalogue handy and fancy any of the garden furniture, check the reference number online. The furniture I bought does not show up on the online searches for clearance. I really fancied the white New England set, but would have had to get rid of perfectly functional furniture to find room for it! (and it was a lot more money :oops: )


BTW there were no assembly instructions for the chairs in my pack, but it all fitted quite nicely, even though there were three types of bolt :shock: so if you buy the same set as me and can't get it to fit together, pm me.

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They are surprisingly comfy for wood! The seat is curved and is nice, and the finish is very smooth. At the moment they are next to the computer in the front room as I can't bear to put them outside :roll:


There are some lovely garden bargains to be had if you can bring yourself to purchase now :D


Sarah, the set is called Henley, I thought of you when they arrived and I saw the name on the box :P

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