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Could I please have advice. I have always had chickens but whenever a hen has gone broody we’ve snapped her out of it using the usual methods. During lockdown our best natures hen went broody and in our wisdom we thought there would never be a better time to let her be a mum. The chicks are 6 weeks and she has started suddenly attacking one of the (the smallest one) there are three chicks in total. She also laid an egg the same day she started attacking the one chick. We took her out . Our other chickens free range . She won’t go anywhere near the old flock. She stays close to the run where the chicks are and the two other chicks chirp constantly clearly wanting her back in. If we let her back in she immediately attacks and shakes aggressively the one chick but is nice to the others. Any advice on what to do would be appreciated. From my research she should willingly go back to the flock but I can’t find anything to suggest this situation occurs frequently where she is ready to ditch just one chick but wants to stay with the others. The other two chicks seem fairly distressed when she is out . The one chick looks relieved when she’s gone and hides when she comes back in. Old flock has one cockerel and 4 hens . He keeps trying to escort her bAck to the old flock but she just won’t have any of it. Do I put her with the old flock at night? I kept everyone separate last night . Thanks in advance. I’ve never used a forum before so fingers crossed it helps. 

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