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Rachel Dixon

Considering Hens in just a run

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We are keen to Purchase an Eglu with a 4m run. My question is, is it ok for the chickens if they only roam within the run area. We have a patch of grass land to the side of our property, which we can move the coup and run from place to place, however, there are no fences, as this is part of shared access to 2 other properties, so we wouldn’t be able to have them roam further. We are thinking 3-4 hens, but don’t want to invest if this is not kind to them, or might make them fight or peck each other? Thanks 

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A 4 meter run offers quite a lot of space, but would be harder to move around. If concerned by space you could consider bantams instead of full sized birds. They don’t need freeranging if they have enough space. Depending on who you ask on here the minimum requirement ranges from 1 m2 to 2 m2 per bird.

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If you have the urge to have chickens then go for it. I am pleased you are thinking about their health first. Yes 3 or 4 chickens will be your limit. They are a very intelligent pet much more than most dogs and cats. If you keep them entertained in the run (as there are many ways). Like you say you cannot let them out, then dont. If you happen to let them out they will always wanted to be out. So yes get your chickens but keep to these guidelines. I am always here to help. I have 3 brown hens and I love how tame they are and lots of eggs. Have a look at my photos. Peter 

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