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Simplified Jamie Pork n Peppers Dish

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I was watching Jamie a couple of weeks ago and remembered him cooking a piece of pork on a bed of peppers then he did various things to it and turned it into goulash with sour cream etc. Here is my simplified version which had the men in my family fighting over the second helping. Its a great alternative to plain roast pork, I served it with mash and green veg; please note as ever all amounts are approximate and subject to change :lol:


Pork Shoulder Roasted on a Bed of Peppers


1 shoulder of pork, boned, unrolled, skin removed but fat left on and scored

2 Red yellow or orange peppers per person

a couple of red onions

olive oil

sea salt

sweet, smoked and spicy paprika (1tsp each)

2 glasses white wine


#Chuck pork fat side down in deep roasting dish, on hob on medium heat and render out some fat, when it starts to colour remove to one side.

#Cut peppers and onions into quarters and put in pan with a drizzle of olive oil and spices and seasonings, mix around into pork fat.

# Place pork on top of peppers fat side up, pour over 1 glass white wine put in low oven with a lid or foil tent on top for 3-4 hours depending on size of pork joint

# Take other glass wine and go sit talk to your chooks :wink: (you may have to refill glass during cooking time)


Honestly it's delicious.

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