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Behaviour before 1st egg.

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What kind of behaviour signals the first egg?


Priscilla is almost 20 weeks old, her comb has got redder but not noticed any squatting.


This morning she didn't come out of the house straight away, and when she did she just stood there with the other two eating and scratching away around her.


As I left for work she was taking a few mouthfuls of pellets. I have come home for lunch and she was sitting out of the way of the others but did jump up and come and get some corn but not in her usual frantic manner. As far as I can see there are no unusual droppings in the run or the house.


Does she have an egg coming and is feeling a bit strange? I've only had them just over 2 weeks so it's all a bit new to me.

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I've come home and let them out into the garden and she's had a peck around and has now gone and sat in her favourite bit of the garden and is not bothering with the other 2.


She doesn't look fluffed up and ill but is very quiet and not herself. She has been eating, haven't seen her drinking but water is available all day so I imagine she has.


Will just have to keep an eye on her and see what happens. I would understand her feeling out of sorts if she was the one that ate the elastic band on Saturday, but that one is full of beans!

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Priscilla's face has been very red today. It's always been a greyish pink colour up to now.


I made some warm porrige from oats, pellets and sultanas. She ate some and then came out of the run and pottered around the garden. Hopefully she's feeling a bit better now. We'll see in the morning. :anxious:

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