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Bird flu measures?

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I have just seen the article about everyone who keeps chickens, even a few in the garden as a hobby, needing to keep chickens indoors for the time being given the bird flu risk at the moment.

Does anyone know if just keeping the chickens in an enclosed run is enough for this? We normally let them out in a larger run during the day but this doesn't have a roof, whereas their normal run does.

Thanks for any advice, can't find an answer anywhere!


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Yes.  By Monday, all poultry needs to be ‘housed’.  That means under cover.   So a clear tarpaulin over the top of the run.  Mesh no smaller than 25mm over the sides.  No more free ranging. The principle is that wild birds and their droppings cannot contaminate the area where the poultry is kept.   You also need either/or separate footwear or a disinfectant footbath.  It has to be a disinfectant from the DEFRA approved list. 

If you feed wild birds do it well away from the chickens.   If you do FB come over to The Hen House where there is lots of help about looking after the chickens during the AI epidemic.  It could go on to April like last time so it’s worth taking care to make them, and you happy with the arrangements. 

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