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Mel (& Paul)

Advice from any nurses / a&e nurses

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dont panic :shock:

All chickens, dogs and humans are well with no injuries (yet!) :D

I was wondering if there were any A&E nurses or doctors that could help me out with deciphering some clinical notes on a claim I am dealing with.

the notes have a number of "short hand codes" and if anyone can tell me what they (might) mean I would be really grateful


Starts of saying

PC Painful L ankle. Any idea of PC?

Then it says

HPC Saw GP 9/7 ago sent to xray NBI. Again, HPC? Does 9/7 mean 9 days ago and what does NBI mean.

It goes on to say "red hot area lateral side of foot over 5th MT" - is that basically the side / top of your foot over your little toe?


Any help gratefully received, and if I can ever assist you with discussing sewers, biting dogs, the internal workings of a cows stomach please let me know :D

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