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Wanted - Cube Mk1, Bedfordshire

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HI there,

Cannot believe it.  We were talking about ebaying the cube last night when I said let me check Omlet first.

We have a green MK1 cube with a three metre run along with an Omlet half shade and half clear cover, 1 green Glug bowl, 1 green Grub bowl, 1 free standing red feeding station and 1 green free standing grit station and, finally a chicken swing..  The top of the cube has some scratch marks (my cats used to enjoy jumping up on top of the cube for a snooze - never had cat trouble with the hens).  It is all disassembled after my last two ancient ladies passed away as we are planning a revamp of that part of the garden.

We are in the Kingston/Surbiton area.  Not sure if this too far away for you.

Let me know if you are still looking.  By the way, ignore the wooden ramp in the photo.  My ladies had gotten quite old so we made a ramp to fit on top of the ladder that was easier for them to climb.  And the big flower pot was their dust bath and perch.



And we also have an Omlet winter duvet cover for the cube.

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Thank you for replying - I found a lilac one in great condition with 4m run on fleabay less than an hour away from me so I couldn’t resist. It’s all built, ready and waiting for our hens to arrive on Friday.

I’m sure you’ll have no problem selling yours, they hold their value so well.



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