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Noisy hens!

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Afternoon all, chicken owner of around 3 years now. We have a small mixed flock comprising of:

Pekin bantam, Millefleur bantam, Silkie, lavender Wyandot, quail d'anver hen and rooster, Friesian and an appenzeller Spitz. They have all lived together for over a year now but between around 10am and 3pm the racket they make is obscene! They all fight over the nesting boxes (3 between 6 laying birds) clamber on top of each other, scream at each other. Never seen anything like it. Does anyone have any advice for noisy girls? The cockerel isn't actually that bad in comparison as he is only sporadic. I'm happy with hens being hens but it is seemingly getting worse year on year with this lot. 



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