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The Pearsons

Video of Hens

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Lovely! Your chicks are amazing wandering around with the big girls like that 8)


I had a few sleepless nights wondering if they would be okay - and then when they started to sleep in the cube as well I was up so early every morning to check on them! They do get the odd peck (nothing too bad and not that often) just to make sure they know their place.


Chips and Toast seem to share the care of them even though it was Toast who hatched the eggs. Chips and Toast are my original girls and do most things together (Mama and Auntie). The nere hens are very cautious aroud them as they are the top two chooks.


Helen in Hume

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i couldn't see any chicks?


If you look at the link I posted and then look at "other videos by Stormy..." you will get to a few more and at least one of those clips has the chicks wondering around with the big girls.


Maybe I'll get some more footage this weekend but I have family visiting so may not have time.


Helen in Hume

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