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Feathers missing on neck/upper chest, new (and worried) chicken parent unsure what to do?

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Hi all,

I am a new chicken parent to 3 lovely rescue hens that we picked up on Saturday and I love them to bits already. One of them, Jammy, is looking a bit rough with missing feathers on her neck and chest, and a small patch on the top of her head. She is otherwise behaving what I believe to be normally, is laying eggs and doesn’t seem to be in any discomfort. 

They’re not comfortable with us enough yet to be handled so I haven’t been able to have proper look for mite/lice eggs or any nasties with legs. I can never get a good enough look from outside the run because she won’t stay still! 

I did however manage to catch the photos attached, and wondered if anybody knew what it could be because I can’t stop worrying!

I’ve been using DE in the coop and dustbath in case it is mites/lice. Should I try something else to be safe? 

Thank you in advance!




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1 hour ago, Cat tails said:

Some rescue hens can look quite oven ready. Your hens looked pretty well feathered. They most likely will regrow, but might take some time. Don’t worry and just enjoy your little lovelies!

Thank you! Feeling better now I've read this and had a chuckle at "oven ready". 😁 

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