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Chickens refusing to get in coop at night

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Hi I have three new pullets about 22-23 weeks. They are currently separate from the older girls whilst we did quarantine and introductions.

The first few nights they need encouragement to go into the coop. The after a week or so the mastered it. A few nights back one of the new girls laid a broken soft shell and she came on for the night for treatment and TLC. After this they seem to refuse to go into the coop. Roosting outside or on the ground to sleep. Last night I encouraged them in, tonight two refused and I had to lift them in. We are now on week 4 so know it's their coop.

Any thoughts?

They happily go in during the day to lay. It's deep cleaned at weekends and pooped picked every morning so it clean. There is no evidence of red mites and it has been treated. I've popped a warm light in there to try and encourge them in when it's getting dark. It's just three of them so plenty of space.

Don't recall having problems this far down the line with the first lot of girls.


thank you

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My two new ones slept fine in their little hutch for 4 weeks, but suddenly decided it wasn’t good enough anymore. Once I integrated them with the big ones they took themselves to bed again fine.

Sometimes it’s hard to say why they do certain things.

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