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Hang in there girls

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Digging in the garden this morning and I upturned a huge crawling mass of what looked like live mealworms. I scattered them on the path for the birds but I thought if I had my hens, they would have enjoyed them. Then I thought, my three girls are somewhere in Norfolk with another week's hard labour to go before the nice lady from BHWT rescues them for me. I hope they will be alright :anxious:

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Rona im sure they will be just fine when you get them home and give them lots of TLC. :D


Glad you fed them to the birds i bet they appreciated it at this time of year in this cold snap! :D


Hmm I've been out in the garden in a T shirt most days this week. There was one morning when I had my coat on - for half hour was that the cold snap??? :lol:

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