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Silkies not eating, crops not emptying

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Hi, I purchased 2 silkie hens a couple of weeks ago to keep my cockeral company. I always felt they weren't quite right but in the last week one has gone down hill and now the other has followed. Neither are eating, both have lost weight, one is particularly thin. I took them to an avian vet and he ruled out sour crop and gave them some fluids.  This morning both of them still have crops full of liquid, still neither are eating and they are getting increasingly weak. I really don't know what to do for them. I can't see they have a blockage as they haven't been kept on grass and I don't use straw as bedding so really at a loss as to what is going on. Seems odd that they are both afflicted as well. I have separated them from my cockeral who seems fine. All help gratefully received, I've tried massaging their crops to get things moving but to no avail. Is a prebiotic likely to help in this scenario if nothing seems to be leaving their crops?

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Oh dear, poor little things.

I think it is good that you have separated them from your cockerel, just in case.

I think I would have a word with the breeder that you got them from - they shouldn't really both be poorly with the same thing so soon after getting them.

Can you empty their crops ? I am not that confident doing it myself so would probably have to resort back to the vets.

Maybe they could show you how to empty them and perhaps give your girls another look over ?

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