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silver nick and other hybrids?

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Hi All,


Have you heard of a Silver Nick? (is it spelt like that???) - I've been chicken shopping today - and saw what they described as a silver nick - but can;t seem to find any info on them on the web.


I'm looking at getting a Skyline, silvernick and probably a bluebelle - any comments about these 3 breeds welcome.



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Yep - I went to Thornes - I'm a nightmare everytime I go there!


They do seem very keen on egg colour there - I just go for waht looks like a nice hen though!


Oh - forgot to mention the coral - I'd forgotten about that one (rather than a white star as temperment is better and egg colour only just off white) - so that's 4 now - how do I break the news to my husband??


We did want a white egg layer called Blanche and a brown egg layer called Betty - however we've got 3 ex-batts which lay brown eggs - so we may not need another brown egg layer - although the silver Nick was a wonderful looking hen.


Decisions, decisions...

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Were the Skyline and Bluebelle the gorgeous speckly and grey ones at Thornes? They were too big for my Eglu so we didn't even look at them but they looked splendid!


I see from other posts that you're going to be very busy in the next couple of weeks - good luck! I've got boys aged 3.5 and 5.5. I actually sat here racking my brain trying to think of a comment about them but I think it's maybe too late to put you off....



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I have a Mendlesham Blue which is the same as a Bluebelle. She is very tame, lays most days and is VERY big.


Also have a Coral, pretty girl and very tame. Travels down the garden 18 inches off the floor like a mad thing if treats are in the offing. She's not laying yet but was told the eggs will be white with a pinky tinge.


Both are very nice birds.

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I would love a pair of Skylines, but can't get them anywhere around me at the moment.

I called up Medowsweet, who said they won't have any now until next spring, when they are alos launching a new, more reliable blue layer :P


If you have the option of a Skyline now, I would certainly get one - they are very,very pretty :D

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Hi, I have Three Silver Nicks from Thornes. They are a hybrid but we do not know what. Thornes don't know either. They are fabulous. I bought them over the Coral because I thought white chickens would get very dirty in winter. My three are very tame, friendly and sometimes very cheeky. It took three weeks to tame them, and I love them to bits. I recommend them. I hope this helps. Daniele

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