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Can apple cider vinegar give chickens a poorly tummy ?

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12 years ago, when I first had chickens, I used to give them apple cider vinegar in their water.

These days, I tend to give them either water, tonic or the egg enhancing stuff I have.

I bought some chicken stuff and basically got a free bottle of apple cider vinegar for chickens with my order.

I gave it to them the other day and by the time I got in from work, Molly's bottom was an absolute mess - so bad she needed a bath.

It looked like someone had smeared her with a massive paintbrush.

I took the apple water away and replaced it with fresh water.

Molly has been fine since and has never had a dirty bottom before that.

Do you think it could have been the apple cider vinegar ?

They are just being wormed now.

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