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Stu France


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Hi All.

I'm new to this forum and quite new to keeping chickens. I have three chickens and a cockerel. The girls (we bought at point of lay at the beginning of summer) are very healthy and are living a happy free-range life here on our converted French farm.  I've built a completely new henhouse (and chicken run for when they need to be contained) I recently introduced a 20 week old cockerel. It took the girls a week to accept him but now he is following them round and has been climbing on their backs over the last couple of days without too much commotion.

I'm a little worried  he is not making any noise. He stands with his mouth open and no noise coming out. He occasionally make the odd cackle. He eats once the girls have had theirs and drinks plenty of water.

Should he be crowing by now (approx 24weeks old), or is he ill? I've read a bit about sour crop and I'm wondering whether he needs some antibiotics...

Thanks in advance. 🐓

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