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Moulting or something else?

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Just giot back from a week away to find that Doris is missing quite a lot of feathers around her tail and bottom - looks quite sore in places but can't see anything licey. Frankie is also missing some from around her bottom and loos a little sore in one place. penny is showing no signs but the she is younger. All are laying. Is it just moulting do you think? How much do they lose and how long does it take to grow back?

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Could be a moult but if it looks sore then it's more likely feather pulling! try spraying with a tea tree solution, this will help the healing and also taste horrible if another girl is pecking.


Keep a close watch on them, you may catch them in the act! If so, you may have to consider bumper bits.


If its a moult the feathers will start to grow again soon - if you have got a feather puller they'll pull out the new feathers as they appear too :cry:

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