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Hi there! Has anyone had any experience with using an Eglu for a guinea hen? I'm excited for my new Eglu for my chickens and wonder if it would also be suitable for a guinea hen. I would purchase a new one just for the guinea hens. Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks!

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They might roost on top, but they prefer trees. Read somewhere that they will only roost in a coop if it is imprinted on them before they reach 6 weeks. They must have a huge amount of space and they are very noisy. Very high fences are required to contain them; they rear them here for the table at a farm nearby. They had some at a farm shop in England and they free-ranged without any fencing, which of course leaves them open to predators. We considered having some, but the noise problem ruled them out. Even though we had no neighbours it was going to upset us.

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