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Do any experienced chicken keepers out there have views on wormwood for chickens? I’ve seen a couple of ‘worming’ products available based on wormwood (plus cloves, garlic, etc- Farm and Yard Remedies and Pets Purest), and though I wouldn’t use this in dealing with a case of actual worms, I’m interested in it as part of an anti-worm regime for healthy chickens. Does anyone know of any concerning side effects on chickens? And would it affect the eggs? Thanks for any thoughts.

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I haven't heard of any of these, and would be cautious about any natural wormers, but especially so in the case of wormwood as it is/can be poisonous although I know it is used in absinthe for example!  So, personally I would only use it if I was absolutely confident I knew what I was doing.  I purposely didn't plant artemisia (wormwood) when I kept chooks.

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