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Who laid the egg?

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How on earth do you ever work out which one laid the egg? I have three hens and have had an egg every day. I have watched them for hours and have never seen them lay yet. It appears that as soon as I go off and do something else, that is when the egg appears. It is not even at the same time of day. I have taken to scrutinising the eggs along side each other to see if they were laid by the same hen. Are eggs laid by different hens different shapes/colours? Also, and this is probably a really stupid question :oops: but... can a hen that still has pink bits lay or can she only lay when they are red?


I know that the real solution is to just keep vigilant chickenwatch but I really did have a life before the chickens! Honest!



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We struggled to tell when we had three Pepperpots. One laid smaller darker eggs than the other 2. Since she has died we have found it really difficult to tell the difference, one lays slightly bigger eggs but we are yet to work out which :?


They only usually lay when their combs and wattles are bright red and fully grown.


When we added 2 more chooks we deliberately chose a very pale brown and a white egg layer so that we could tell who had laid what.

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