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will a bunny wreck my eglu?

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As in a chicken one? My chooks have moved into a cube so my red eglu has been freed up. Tonight I moved my elderly netherland dwarf into it as I am in a situation where I need to get her a new house (discovered her hutch has just started leaking and she looked a bit cold and miserable - plus she hasn't been on grass since we moved a year ago as run fell apart -plus we were renting :shock: ). Bearing in mind she is nearly 10 years old, I would rather not spend money on adapting it as I am doubtful she will see out the winter. Saying that it is amazing the spark a very skinny, very old bunny with cateracts can find when put in a big run - she was hopping about like a young-un :lol:

I'm not worried about her having the water bottle or hay rack inside, but just wondered if the poo tray might suffer from chewing? is the rablu different?


Also - has anyone any ideas on foods that will put weight on her other than her normal bunny food?

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I wouldn't have thought your rabbit would destroy the eglu especially if she is 10 years old. What do you use as bedding? I would suggest newspaper and hay and then if she starts chewing she is more likely to chew the edges of the newspaper or the hay. I'm sure my bunny would be very happy in the eglu if he didn't live inside.


I have a similar problem with a very skinny rabbit. He is 7 and has recently had a stroke and now will not eat his rabbit food. I give him toast, carrot and apples which he enjoys. I think his biggest problem is that he just eats very slowly. I do give him the odd bit of bio yoghurt as this helps keep the digestion working properly. Past rabbits have enjoyed mash potato rolled in bran which helps build them up, but current rabbit doesn't like that. Years ago a vet suggested using complan (for old people) but I have yet to try it.


Hopefully someone else will come along and suggest something else.

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My rabbits live in a Rablu but it might as well be a chicken one because all they do is toss out the hay rack, food bowl and bedding.


Now they get their food in a heavy pet food bowl which they can't pick up in their teeth, the hay rack is in storage (I dump a pile of hay in wherever) and the water bottle is on the outside of the run held on with a loop of garden wire.


So much for a deluxe bunny house - they just use it as a toilet! They do like to take their afternoon nap in there though, and seem to be happier than when they were in their wooden hutch.

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That is exactly what my rabbits do! They only go in the house to eat and chuck straw out into the run.. They're on the patio for the winter as they completely wrecked the back half of the lawn - but they have layers of cardboard, a fancy willow den, and a covered (cat) litter tray which last year they used as a house - and have now suddently decided to use as a litter tray - hooray it makes cleaning up much easier! One of mine is about 7 or 8, but so far, touch wood, he seems well - actually much healthier now that when he was in a hutch - he was verging on obese..

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Mine chew everything made of wood or paper - I give them empty boxes and toilet roll inners to play with and they have a plastic bucket with no bottom to run through.


I was thinking of getting a covered cat litter tray - are they expensive?


Both are getting a bit old now (about 7 years) but still act like youngsters, esp. now they are in the rablu. They are also on the patio for the winter as one of them decided to have a go at digging up the lawn last time they were on there. The grass is a bit short now the winter is here.

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Thanks for the responses! (Have to admit I forgot about this thread after a couple of days!).

I just have to add...I did take the roosting bars out (incase there was any confusion :lol: )

I was mostly worried as my bunny used to be an absolute terror with chewing- I got her as a house rabbit - short-lived idea that one as she had a perchant for cables. Have to say she is loving the eglu and I am so glad I put her in there, she has had a whole new lease of life :D She is eating more as well which is great.

I was wondering whether sunflower and pumpkin seeds are ok to give (thinking high fat!)? I don't think she is very adventurous with things like fruit.

Thanks for your help,


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