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Hello Everyone,


Just looked out to my pond to see 'Tom' our drake treading 'Daisy' our duck.... i did feel like yelling out the date to tom as i think he thinks it's spring or is it in fact i that should pipe down as treading this time of year does take place? and more to the point, does treading normally proceed the arrival of eggs???


Both Tom and Daisy are black east indian and i was under the impression that this breed only lay a few eggs a year around spring.

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Hi Helen,


Spoke to a breeder earlier today regarding the treading as i didn't want eggs arriving whilst we're away for christmas.


He was saying that just like all the plants in the garden flowering late bla bla bla his drakes have started to tread again and he expects a few eggs in the very near future!!!


Looks like it's a good year to be a drake lol

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Our drake has never stopped treading :? - as soon as this years female duckling became old enough, he has persued her relentlessly.


We are getting two eggs a day and our duck has always laid through winter. She only stops when she is sitting on eggs and for a few months after - she started laying again a couple of weeks ago.

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