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Hen had implant nearly 4 weeks ago

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Hi  I'm new to the forum and also to chickens... so Hi to everyone especially those who love ❤ their chickens! I'm hoping for some advice, I had one of my ex batt hens called Red implanted with the Deslorelin implant nearly 4 weeks ago . She had been quite poorly and the vet had diagnosed an infection in her oviduct. After a 10 day course of antibiotics she seemed quite well but I took her back a few days later fir a check up. The night before the appointment she produced a lash egg. The vet felt that she no longer had an infection but that she still had fluid in her abdomen. So I asked about the implant . Which we then agreed would be best for her. Since having the implant ( into her breast and then skin glued) she has been laying an egg every day she seems very happy, feisty and hungry! No sudden  moult, she only came to me in October and has since regrown most of her feathers. The vet agrees that it is strange it's not taken effect yet. Can anyone help with any similar experience and suggestions ast what to do , please  would be very grateful. Thank you

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