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Bullying ex battery hen

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iv got a problem 

3 ex battery hens   We took then in on 13 November 21

there’s  bully blogs, angel and baby. Bully got her name as you can guess because she has made herself top hen. Angel and baby except this and were getting on well but after a couple days angel started pecking baby. She picks on her every chance she gets. It’s not just about food it’s about everything 

Iv had to separate at night but during the day because of chicken lockdown they have a nice set up in a large greenhouse 

Iv partitioned off enough space to put baby on her own when I’m not there

does anyone know will they ever live happy ever after or will angel and bully blogs never  be nice to baby

im new to chickens, I just thought they were gonna Lov each other 🤦‍♀️

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Sorry to hear you are struggling. Ex battery hens can be very feisty ladies.
There is always a bottom hen, that’s just how chicken society works. As long as there is no blood drawn and your bottom hen does get a chance to feed and drink, there really is no issue, although we humans perceive this differently. 

Make sure there are a number of feeding spots and drinkers, so you can make sure she is getting her share. Also providing a number of perches, so she can get out of the way, can help.

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