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Deslorelin implant nearly 4 weeks ago

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Hi I'm new to keeping chickens, owning n Omlet Cube and to  this forum !   I'm hoping some of you lovely chicken lovers out there will be able to help me... I have 4 ex caged hens since early October but one of them (Red) was quite poorly in November and had an infection in the oviduct  according to the vet, she then had antibiotics for 10 days . She improved quite rapidly and I returned her to the vet after another week for check up. Vet said she still had fluid in her abdomen but seemed in good condition otherwise. I asked about an implant to stop her laying and we decided to go ahead . She had been laying a lovely light brown egg every day before she got ill but had stopped...The implant was implanted on 9th December and 2 days later she started laying again. She has laid an egg every single day since  .....25 of them !

I asked the vet if it should have started to work by now and she said yes. but Red seems very well at the moment and we decided to wait another week  before returning her to vet  Has  anyone else any experience like this ? I don't know what to do if she's still laying next week but seems well  The vet said it was unlikely that implant had 'fallen out" as she had closed the skin with glue.


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