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running away

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How long have you had them?


It will take a few days if not weeks to gain your trust,


Drop some sweetcorn to get them interested and recognize what it is and what it tastes like then only offer it on your hand. (keeping very still) after a few days they will come running to you whenever you appear in the hope of sweetcorn.

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I sat outside with a tasty treat like a corn on the cob in my hand. The girls soon came to nibble. They still run away when they feel like but usually they hang around the back door knowing that I will appear with something tasty. If you use a bit of psychology on them that usually does the trick. Use a call such as 'Hi girls' or a whistle whenever you feed them. Use the same phrase or call every time you feed them and you will soon be able to get them to run to you when you want them.


I only have to shout 'hi girls' and they run to me wherever they are in the garden. I reinforce the behaviour with a few bit of corn or some fruit and they are happy.

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Two of mine come running when there's food on offer but one (who used to be just the same) is now very snooty and won't come near me. I have trouble getting her back into the run too whereas the other two follow the mealworm trail!


We're bringing her into the house in the evenings to get used to us and she's very docile and happy to be stroked so don't know what the problem is when she's outside.


I'm hoping once she starts laying again :pray: she'll become more friendly again.

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Don't chase them. they just get upset and worse.


Take it easy, give them time and give them some treats. I've had chickens for over 4 years and they have never come to me totally happily. they have to be tempted. Corn in my hands will work for some of them, lettuce leaves works for others. Pasta and raisens seem to work for most of them.


I'm not allowed to have my girls in the house - her indoors forbids it. Interestingly, although they don't like being picked up, once they are picked up they get very relaxed and sit on my knee quite happily.


Nightime, once they've roosted, is the best time to get them used to being handled.

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I find that the best way to pick my chooks up is to sit on the bench with some treats and feed them out of my hand. I then drop some food on the floor and while they are hoovering it up I stroke them. Then I find it is easy to pick them up and they sit happily on my lap while I give them a cuddle. I try to pick each one up this way at least once each day. Had the chicks almost three weeks and I am really pleased with them. I think the secret is to keep calm and win their confidence gradually.


If they see me come out of the house when they are free ranging they immediately come running towards me from all directions. I think they see me as a walking food packet even though I don't give them that many treats. If I don't go out into the garden for a while they line up by the gate leading to the patio. Whenever I am outside with them they follow me around the garden like little puppies.


No eggs yet but encouraging signs from Charlotte (Miss Pepperpot), this weekend I've noticed her crouching when I put my hand on her back. So maybe we won't be waiting too long.

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