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Hi all! I only just discovered that my chicken have a lice infestation! I have a white Cochin which I noticed was preening a bit too frequently and I had a look at her today and boom! There they were, the nasty crawlies… 🤢 I cleaned their coop yesterday and they have fresh bedding with nesting flowers, I have disinfected all nooks and crannies as usual with spray, diatomaceous earth etc. They are usually very clean and I keep a strict hygiene routine, I do all this every Friday. I tried to find a spray that is suitable for use on poultry, anything that kills louse!? They all seem to be for red mite and none of them are suitable for application on the actual bird. How do we get rid of the nits/eggs?! Please can someone recommend any products/ treatment routine for lice? Many thanks in advance 😊   

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