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Speckled Egg

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Only my Mendlesham Blue (same as a Bluebelle) is earning her keep and laying at the moment and she always lays light brown, matt eggs, probably 6 a week.


This morning there was an egg in the nest box that was darker and shinier than usual, and what made me immediately notice a difference was that it was speckled. :think:


Can this happen? Or has the Bovans Nera (same as a Pepperpot) finally laid an egg?!! It can't be the Coral as her eggs should be a pinky white.


What colour eggs do your Pepperpots and Bluebelles lay and do they change at all?

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My pepperpot lays a darker brown, speckly egg. You'll only really know when /if they both lay on the same day! As a rule, each of my girls tends to stick to their own egg shape (Poms very round, no pointy end, Flo's torpedo shaped) but just occasionally I get one I don't recognise :? I hate not knowing who's laid what! :lol:

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I know! It's driving me mad!


Had another one today, same dark shade but no speckles this time although there's white bits, as though some of the brown is missing, at the pointy end. Babs has never missed laying 2 days in a row so I think they must be hers. But why the change in colour? I think they are having a laugh at my expense!! Naughty chickens!


As an after thought, they have had to stay in the run for a week with no free ranging, could this have made a difference?

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