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I have 1 bantam and am about to buy some silkies to go with her (I know it might be hard introducing 1 hen to a group of others, but have a back up plan). The children want to get 4 silkies, but do you think this would be too many in an Eglu Go. The specifications say 4 medium sized hens and as silkies are small I thought we might get away with 5? They will be free ranging (once allowed….)

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If they are standard sized silkies, it might be a stretch. You might want to opt for bantam silkies, especially in combination with your existing bantam.
Might be rather unfair to your bantam to try and mix her with 4! standard sized birds.

Consider that the house is often not so much the limiting factor, but rather run size. Especially when you need to keep in mind that the month for free ranging for silkies is much more limited than normal birds, as their they are not waterproof and need much more protection.

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On 4/5/2022 at 8:32 AM, wannabesmallholder said:

Ok thank you. To be honest I hadn’t even realised you could get large silkies! But have double checked and it is bantam silkies we are getting. Do you think 5 bantams in a Go would be ok?

I have 5 bantams in my Go.

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