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Paypal bogus emails

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Just to warn anyone with a paypal account that a bogus email is going around asking for you to update your account or lose it. Pay pal ask that you send any emails to them to verify if it is genuine.


They do not ever ask for bank details in an email. You can call them on 087073071917 if unsure . email palpal emails to spoof@paypal.com



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I get these too, and also for Barclays, HSBC, NatWest.... which I don't have accounts with anyway! :D


If you get an e-mail from *any* financial institution asking you to update details, re-enter details etc etc then always treat with extreme caution.

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As postmaster at work, I get loads of those and am always sending emails round to staff tellling them to ignore them. One of the lads thought that it would be 'funny' to email back with spoof details and infected his laptop :roll: . Needless to say I told him what I thought of him :roll:


There are also some going round from Ebay too, as Graham said, ignore ANYTHING like that and delete it straight off your machine.

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