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My friend is a volunteer for the RSPCA and she sent me this link




I was surprised and shocked to find that snares are still legal, I always thought thy were illegal.


There's a link to a petition on the main page but it needs to be signed by 21st November, she only sent it to me today so I guess it's being doing its rounds.


Needless to say, I've signed.


*Warning contains shocking images*


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there's loads of info on the web site but it seems locking snares are illegal but anti-locking snares are not, even though they still cause horrific injury and agonising death.


It shows you how to identify which type and who to report them to if you find an illegal one.


The petition is to get the legal ones made illegal.


I wish she'd sent it to me earlier but there we are.



***edit*** sorry, they're called 'free running' and 'self locking' snares, I knew what I meant :roll:

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even the placement of legal snares can sometimes intentionally be done to cause extreme suffering before the inevitable. That's just evil!


Reading through the site is certainly an education.


bumping this back up as the deadline for the petition is in a cple of days.

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